TwoFive offers truly specialized messaging technology and security services in Japan.

As a leading company in this sector, TwoFive can offer solutions to communication security issues and assist companies with their next generation email messaging requirements.


As a group of engineers who have many years of experience in the e-mail system infrastructure of major ISPs, ASPs, and mobile operators, we provide consulting on the design and construction of large-scale e-mail systems, as well as security.

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Messaging Systems

Providing a cost-effective email system

Messaging Security

Providing e-mail security solutions and consulting for optimal system construction

Threat Intelligence

Providing aggregation, visualization and analysis of authentication result information

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TwoFive,Inc. announced new feature of DMARC/25

Security seminar will be held on March 3rd, 2020.

TwoFive,Inc. announced the launch of "Area 1 Horizon"

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